Construction of waste water treatment plants

DPJ Team members have been heavily involved in the planning including constructible reviews, project planning and construction of plants.

The plants range in size from small modular to large multimillion litre daily cleansing.

The plants DPJ members have worked on are spread over various countries such as Qatar,  Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman Madagascar etc.

Mainly in remote areas working with labour from mainly India, Nepal Philippines etc. apart from the logistics involved also the language issue of the labour l our members kept high standards of safety, quality, planning and construction in place to achieve a safe and quality product for the end user built in a timely manner with all required documentation in place.

DPJ members are well verse in the differing types of constructions used which include glass lined, fibre, and steel welded tanks including all civil and mechanical requirements indeed some of these plants had blast proof control rooms and substations attached to them.

On the projects our members were attached to they undertook from conception through construction to pre commissioning of the project

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